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Sugo di Carne

Sugo di Carne


·         ½ lb. ground sirloin

·         12oz. can Italian plum tomatoes

·         1 onion

·         1 carrot

·         1 stalk of celery

·         ¾ cup red wine

·         Oli + Ve Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

·         Salt

·         1 lb. Pappardelle pasta (sold at Oli + Ve)



(1)    Finely chop carrot, onion, celery. Place in a pot and sauté in Oli + Ve EVOO until it almost starts to burn (this sweetens the carrots and onions and gives the sauce a true homemade flavor). Take your time on this step, please.

(2)    Add the sirloin and raise the heat stirring until browned.

(3)    Splash with wine and let the wine evaporate.

(4)    Salt to taste.

(5)    Add the tomatoes, break them up, lower the heat and cook for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. (If sauce seems too thick, add some of your pasta water.)

(6)    Cook pasta keeping it al dente.

(7)    Serve with grated parmesan.

Courtesy of Stones Throw Winery