Thank you for your interest in our Calendar of Events. Please see below for some important information:

All nighttime cooking/event classes are limited to 10 unless otherwise noted and reservations must be made 2 days prior to the class.   Any class not meeting the minimum number of guests (10) 48 hours prior to class time may be cancelled and your money will be refunded. We are limiting the classes to 10 so that we can distance people that do not come together. If food is part of the program, it will be served in disposable plates, cups, bowls, etc. We are trying to accommodate those wanting classes and be safe at the same time.

Cancellation of your reservation within 2 days of the class cannot be accommodated, but if you are unable to attend, you may send someone else in your place.

Parking is anywhere in the parking lot to the side and behind Oli+Ve and is free.   If full, behind our shop is a drive that goes down the hill to The Pie Hole where there a few spots as well. This lot is open to the public after 6pm so it is recommended that you come a little early to find a spot.

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