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  • Modern Vegetarian: East Asia

    Vegetables don’t have to be just supporting characters. They can be the star of the show! In this class, Chef Kyle will teach you how to make an exciting and satisfying meatless meal using the freshest and most seasonal produce available, while also introducing you to the exciting flavors of East Asia. MENU Korean Seitan …

  • INSTANT POT – hands on class

    Fall in love with your Instant Pot in the month of February. Join food artisan, Alicia Fleck, for a hands-on cooking class to introduce you to your new Best Friend – the Instant Pot! (Every recipe will be made in the Instant Pot!) MENU FANCY HARD BOILED EGGS(with White Truffle Oil, a sprinkle of Za’atar …

  • Kiss of Heat

    Not just a hot sauce…but a handcrafted gourmet cooking and dipping sauce with a perfect balance of sweet and heat. Come meet Alicia (Argentina Gold Foods), creator and purveyor of this unique condiment, as she brings the heat to Oli+Ve with her sample tastings.

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