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  • Honey Ginger Dijon Vinaigrette

    INGREDIENTS 1T finely minced shallot  1 T Dijon mustard 1/3 cup Oli+Ve Honey Ginger White Balsamic 2/3 cup Oli+Ve Arbequina EVOO Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste DIRECTIONS Add the vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard and shallot to the blender.  Pulse a few times to mix.  Slowly pour in the olive oil while the blender is running to emulsify the mixture.

  • Creamy Vinaigrette

    1/3 cup EVOO (Arbequina works great!) 3 T or more good white balsamic vinegar 3 T sour cream, yogurt or mayonnaise 1 t Dijon mustard 1 small shallot cut into chunks Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste DIRECTIONS Combine oil, vinegar (a teaspoon or two at a time until balance tastes right to you)sour cream (or yogurt or mayonnaise) and Dijon mustard in a blender and turn on machine; a creamy emulsion will …

  • Balsamic Soy Sauce Vinaigrette

    Ingredients: 2/3 cup Low sodium soy sauce 2/3 cup Oli+Ve Traditional Balsamic 1/2 cup your favorite Oli+Ve single variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/4 cup Oli+Ve Sesame Oil 3 T Dried parsley 1/16 t. Red bell pepper flakes (the kind used to spice up a pizza) (more if you want it spicier) Preparation:Combine all ingredients in a jar and shake well.  Dressing needs to be shaken every time you wish to use. Submitted by Alex …


    Ingredients (dressing)3 tablespoons Aged Raspberry Balsamic1 teaspoon lemon juice2 tablespoons Toasted Almond Oil1 teaspoon Dijon style mustard1/2 teaspoon saltfresh ground black pepper to taste1/3 cup slivered toasted almonds1/3 cup crumbled feta or Cherve cheese2 quarts of your favorite lettuce greensDirectionsPlace all dressing ingredients in to a bowl and whisk. Alternately, this can be made in a blender or food processor. Arrange  lettuce in a bowl, drizzle with vinaigrette, sprinkle with almonds and cheese.

  • Aged Maple Balsamic-Bacon Vinaigrette over Wilted Baby Spinach

    Ingredients4 tablespoons Aged Maple Balsamic Vinegar2 Tablespoon aged red wine vinegar1 teaspoon good quality Dijon style mustard4 tablespoons Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oil (your choice)2 tablespoon finely minced shallots1/2 teaspoon saltfreshly ground black pepper to taste4 slices center-cut bacon, cooked to a crisp and finely crumbled 2 quarts young spinach leaves, stems removed, washed Directions Place spinach in a serving bowl. Place the maple balsamic, half the crumbled bacon, red wine vinegar, salt, half …

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