Arbequina EVOO (Mild intensity)



Country of Origin:  USA (California)
Crush Date:  November 2020

Considering that this was a very difficult year for the California harvest, our partner producers worked very hard to secure oil for us this year.  This is lovely baking oil, perfect for confectionary inspirations.  This Arbequina has a creamy almond, berry center and a delicate pepper finish…a crowd pleaser for those that enjoy mild oils.

*Biophenols:236.9ppm         FFA: 0.28
Oleic Acid: 63.8                    Peroxide: 3.3
DAGS: 88.9                         *PPP: <1.0
Squalene:  2,300.73

*As measured at the time of crush



Bottle Size

Large-750 ML, Medium-375 ML, Small-200 ML

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